What Foods Can I Eat After Oral Surgery?

We’ll do all we can to ensure a smooth recovery after your oral surgery. You can count on our team for compassionate and professional care. Our Raleigh, NC office provides a wide range of dental services for the entire family. Call to schedule your appointment today.

How Do Dentists Deep Clean Your Teeth?

When gum disease is caught early, a deep clean can stop and even reverse its progression. If you continue to stay on top of your oral care routine and visit Northside Dental in Raleigh, NC for regular exams, you can avoid needing more serious dental work further down the line.

Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Count as a Dental Emergency?

Often regular preventive care visits can save you both time and money because our team can catch problems before they become dental emergencies. Northside Dental in Raleigh, SC is here for all of your smile needs. Call our office directly if you need urgent care.

Finding an Affordable Dentist Without Insurance

Delaying routine care like cleanings and exams because of the cost can result in bigger and more expensive problems later on. Dr. Metwally and the Northside Dental team make dental care as affordable and stress-free as possible for uninsured patients.

Quality Dental Care in Raleigh, NC

Northside Dental provides a wide range of services for all members of the family. We also have great office amenities, emergency dental services and affordable pricing. There’s lots of reasons to choose us for your dental home. We look forward to seeing you soon!

What Causes Gingivitis?

Your gum health is just as important as your teeth health. If your gums aren’t healthy, you might experience swelling, bleeding, loose teeth, and even tooth loss! Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease and something many people experience at some point. What causes it? What Is Gingivitis? Your mouth is home to lots … Continued

What Happens if I Knock Out a Tooth?

Northside Dental understands just how overwhelming dental injuries can be. We proudly offer emergency dentistry and can see patients the same day they call. You should never have to wait in pain or spend time trying to find a dentist who can fit you in.

Why Fluoride Is Important to Dental Health

Besides fluoride, another important cavity prevention tool is a twice yearly oral examination and professional hygiene cleaning. Are you overdue for your next dental checkup? Now is the perfect time to contact Northside Dental to get your cleaning on the calendar.