How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

illustration of a dental implant

Implants are a popular way to replace missing teeth and rebuild the smile. Interested in dental implants, but worried about the cost? Read on to learn more about your options here at Northside Dental.

The Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implants are the preferred restoration option for so many patients. They’re sturdy, durable, and they’ll last you for years and years. As a result, dental implants are considered more of an investment than some of the other restoration options out there. Here at Northside Dental we offer flexible payment options. We accept many insurance plans and we will help you figure out what yours will cover. Still not sure if dental implants will work for you? You can always give us a call with any questions.

Alternatives to Dental Implants

If dental implants won’t work for you, for financial reasons or otherwise, that doesn’t mean you can’t access a great replacement option. Root canals, crowns, dentures, and bridges, can all be great alternatives to dental implants, and sometimes work better based on the individual’s circumstances. Here at Northridge Dental, we recommend dental bridges and crowns as options for patients who aren’t going to go for dental implants. Both provide a safe, effective, and appealing way to address tooth loss.

Dental Care Within Reach in Raleigh, NC

Here at Northside Dental, we strive to ensure that all our patients can access the dental care they need to lead a healthy and happy life. Check out our website to learn more about how we make great dental care attainable. While you are at it, request a consultation. When you come on in, we will help you decide if dental implants will work for you, or find you a suitable alternative.