Oral Cancer Screening
in Raleigh, NC

An oral cancer screening performed by Dr. Metwally is painless and can help detect or diagnose any oral abnormalities. This preventive dental care service helps maintain good oral health and overall health. Whether you’re following preventive care measures or you have an oral concern, our team at Northside Dental is here to guide you. Please contact our office or use our virtual contact form to schedule an appointment!

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What is an oral cancer screening?

An oral cancer screening is a preventive dental service used to evaluate or discover oral cancer or oral abnormalities. During an oral cancer screening, Dr. Metwally will visually examine your mouth for irregularities and physically examine your face, neck, lips, and cheeks to feel for unusual masses. Dr. Metwally may use a tongue depressor or light and mirror to ensure thorough examination.

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When should you get an oral cancer screening?

Early detection of oral cancer or other dental problems can increase the chances of successful treatment. The American Cancer Society recommends regular dental examinations to help prevent oral cancer. If you have risk factors for oral cancer, it may be in your best interest to get screened more frequently. Risk factors include:

  • Tobacco Use
  • Prolonged Sun Exposure
  • History of Oral Cancer
  • Heavy Alcohol Consumption
  • Poor Oral Hygiene
  • Exposure to HPV
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Is an oral cancer screening necessary?

The American Dental Association and Dr. Metwally encourage oral cancer screenings for all dental patients. Even individuals with a healthy lifestyle should have a regular oral cancer screening. These are some of the signs of oral cancer:

  • Red or White Oral Patches
  • Sores in the Mouth
  • Difficulty Chewing, Swallowing or Speaking
  • Pain in the Mouth or Lips
  • Growth or Lump in the Mouth

If you develop any of these symptoms in-between appointments, please get in touch with our Raleigh office right away for an oral cancer screening. Our Northside Dental team can guide you through this process.