Oral Surgery
in Raleigh, NC

Oral surgery is not a common occurrence for most patients. But sometimes, oral surgery is necessary to keep teeth healthy, fix dental issues, and help to avoid other dental problems from occurring. If you’ve been searching for Raleigh oral surgery dentists, contact our office today to schedule an appointment for in-house oral surgery!

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What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is any procedure performed in or around your mouth. Dental oral surgery is a restorative treatment service to ensure you can continue the use of your teeth in daily activity with comfort. Dental oral surgery is never favorable, but fortunately, it is not a common occurrence for most. Depending on the severity, tooth extractions and dental implants can be considered oral surgery. Wisdom tooth removal is the most common type of oral surgery.

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What is best to eat after oral surgery?

After your treatment, you may be wondering what you can eat. The pain and recovery period will be dependent on the type of oral surgery you received. Liquids and soft foods like smoothies or mashed potatoes are typically best to eat after dental oral surgery. Anything that is crunchy or hard may prevent a successful recovery and cause further damage. Before your oral surgery procedure, we will provide you with plenty of options for what you can eat personally.

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How much does oral surgery cost?

Oral surgery cost will depend on what type of oral surgery you had. Simple tooth removal will cost less than something more invasive, like multiple wisdom tooth extraction. Northside Dental offers affordable services to those who are looking to have oral surgery in Raleigh, North Carolina. If you have financial concerns, feel free to contact us; we do our best to work with patients who are in need of affordable dental care.

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