Advanced Dental Care
in Raleigh, NC

Northside Dental offers advanced restorative treatments for patients whose smiles could use a little TLC. We love helping patients take care of the dental work they’ve been putting off and restoring their smiles to be better and brighter than before!

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Bridges & Crowns

For teeth that are cracked, damaged, or missing altogether, crowns can be a good restorative and cosmetic option. If it’s a single tooth, a custom-made crown can be placed over the tooth. For multiple missing or damaged teeth in a row, a bridge can be used to seamlessly “bridge” the gap.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Composite fillings are a great choice for repairing tooth decay. They blend in with the rest of your teeth and are smaller than silver fillings, so less of the decayed tooth has to be removed and more of the healthy tooth can remain. Composite fillings don’t need as much prep work either, which means appointments are often shorter.

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Full & Partial Dentures

We offer custom full and partial dentures that are meant to look and feel as natural as possible. Our team uses modern materials and techniques to make sure your false teeth are strong and secure. We’ll work with you to make sure your dentures fit perfectly so you can comfortably eat, talk and smile!

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Dental Implants

Our team practices conservative dentistry, meaning we don’t suggest doing more restorative dental work than is necessary. However, if you are missing teeth or need decayed or infected teeth to be totally replaced, we are more than happy to help! Dental implants are a great option for permanently replacing teeth and restoring your smile.

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Root Canal Therapy

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, an infection in the root of the tooth may be the cause. Fortunately, restoring a tooth through root canal therapy can often be less painful than the pain of an untreated tooth infection. Our team will remove the infected tooth pulp, seal the inside of the tooth and place a crown on top for added strength.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

There are lucky people out there whose wisdom teeth grow in correctly and don’t require removal. For those who are not so lucky, Northside Dental offers on-site wisdom teeth removal. Other dental practices have to refer patients to oral surgeons, but we can take care of any wisdom teeth issues right here in our office.

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